A temporary need in the payroll department turns into a permanent position

A reputed service-provider operating nationwide initially needed temporary support in payroll accounting. Due to internal reorganisations, the aim was to ease the workload on permanent staff in the project phase and bridge the need for additional support with temps.

Not only did hahn+friends provide a candidate who completely met professional requirements. He was also able to seamlessly assimilate into the existing team thanks to his personality, his “can-do” approach and mentality. The result: the company and the candidate were so pleased that the stop-gap solution was turned into a permanent employment position after the agreed temporary employment period ended.

As a licensed temp agency, hahn+friends group is able to offer models at the specialised technical and management levels which lend our clients considerable flexibility and security against problems like sham self-employment. And as this superb example shows, opportunities for permanent posts may also present themselves.

Lutz Altmann

Senior Partner
Human Resources Services