Nils Wacker

Nils Wacker specializes in the areas of controlling, accounting, treasury and audit. Due to his previous (> 10 years) responsible work at an international management consultancy, he knows and understands the challenges of our customers. This applies to both optimizing and ensuring day-to-day operations in finance and accounting.

His clients are from a variety of industries (e.g. automotive, telecommunications, services, energy, PE). Mr. Wacker stands for value-oriented action combined with high quality standards, which he applies to himself as well as to his network partners.

For more than a decade, Mr. Hahn and Mr. Wacker have shared a close friendship as well as a common interest in working with professionals and executives who often find themselves in challenging situations.

In addition to his entrepreneurial role as a partner, Mr. Wacker ensures our project success, this together with his network of highly qualified interim managers as well as through the necessary intuition in the selection of candidates for key positions.

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Nils Wacker

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