Stefan Schulz

Since 2016, Stefan Schulz has consistently built up and further developed the IT Services segment within the hahn+friends group. The focus of his work is connecting people and companies at the right time so that they can implement challenging and motivating tasks together.

As an MBC® Master of Business Coaching, he helps companies with a focus on leadership development, support in change management and team/organizational development to keep and develop the people who are already working in the company.

Stefan Schulz has been working in IT since 1998 and got to know the industry from different perspectives and positions. Beginning as a network administrator to IT management, his further path led through product management, sales/consulting, management of strategic technology and sales alliances to management roles on national and international terrain. This enabled him to work with people at all levels and with companies of all sizes. In terms of content, he helped organizations implement modern technologies that are changing the way people work.

Mr. Schulz has been dealing with human behavior since he was 16 years old. He was interested in why a person behaves differently in certain situations than one is used to or would expect. Since then, Mr. Schulz has built up a broad knowledge of leadership, motivation and personality development. This interest motivated him to complete a multi-year MBC® – Master of Business Coaching course in 2019.

Stefan Schulz

Senior Partner
Information Technology Services