Marketing + Communication

Take ’em by surprise: the new name of the game. Surprise requires more creativity.
Marketing in the age of digital change

We develop solutions and provide brand managers with answers by advancing the digital strategy in interaction with all a company’s communication channels – “Customers want and need communication and advertising that gives them goose bumps!”

Brand matters

Brand is a key success factor, and its relevance has even been mounting through the digital transformation. We create consistency in the message, craft the tonality of the brand world and shape the look & feel.

Analytical, strategic and visual abstraction

Expertise from more than 20 years of trade and retail experience merges with innovation experience in the content marketing of digital changes Rapid familiarisation with the task and the general conditions underlying internal structures as well as with the requirements of the target and style group. Distilling the DNA and focusing the core story of the company with the aim of cementing it and cultivating emotional bonding as a unique selling proposition.

Dynamic brand management

We meet the challenge of constantly expanding consumer information by incubating surprising ideas, alluring design and appealing media content in real time.

Moving out of the defensive to go on the offensive

The brand must be escalated to top priority.
As a nimble and active sparring partner, we revitalise you with our analytical-visual expertise and a focus on ROI

Karina Vilenskaja

Senior Marketing Management
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