Information Technology

The pressure for change in IT has never been greater. This applies equally to people and technology.

Corporate IT has been in a continuous process of change for several years. There is a growing demand from both sides for networked business processes or simpler operation of complex procedures via apps, for example. Smartphones and tablets and the “always on” work mode that goes hand-in-hand with this have long since become part and parcel of everyday life at companies.

Employees have less and less patience and understanding for simple processes that prove to be very time-consuming due to a lack of digitisation or when they are unable to perform their jobs from anywhere. Suppliers are appealing to companies to network their systems to expedite and pick up the pace of business processes. Customers expect “state of the art” purchasing, information, assistance, support and a payment “experience”. This development has resulted in IT management and IT personnel being faced with greatly changed requirements as well as a need for scalability, robustness, security and flexibility of IT systems. The “war for talent” has long since begun.

Companies are finding it difficult to retain workers in permanent positions who draw their motivation from creating processes and implementing exciting projects. With this type of worker, we are noticing a trend towards freelance work on their career paths. These people like to apply their knowledge and experience in the implementation of exciting projects at companies over a certain period instead of working for them permanently. With our many years of experience and specialist expertise, we can support you in the following areas:

ERP – SAP, Oracle, Dynamics NAV/AX, proAlpha
Software development – Mobile, Web, M2M, Industry 4.0, applications, interfaces
IT infrastructure – Windows, Linux, security, networks, cloud, DBs, applications, Apple, MDM
Project management – rollout, transition, migration, change, software development, post-merger, carve-in / carve-out
Consulting – BI, ECM, agile, security, compliance, architecture, RFPs

Stefan Schulz

Senior Partner
Information Technology Services