Interim Management Services

The rise of super temp. More and more top experienced managers are learning to love the autonomy and flexibility of project-based work.

According to DDIM, companies are increasingly leveraging this option to temporary fill key specialist and management positions and are committing ever more financial resources to this end. In 2002, the fee volume in interim management was hovering around only EUR 80 million, whereas for 2019, the DDIM is forecasting this figure to leap over the EUR 2 billion mark. Interim management originated in the Netherlands in the 1970s, helping make the regional labour market there more flexible. Periods of notice for employees were very long and in many cases it was not possible to react to market changes without incurring considerable costs.

In Germany, the concept of temporary placement of professional and managerial staff in companies diffused slowly in the 1980s. The tipping point for stronger growth was reunification of East and West Germany from 1990 onwards, a period marked by a high-paced demand for personnel capacities, including specialists and managers. A current comparison with countries such as the Netherlands, Great Britain or the USA indicates that the German labour market is currently in the process of rapidly catching up and flexibilising. In Great Britain, 20 percent of all managers are already employed in a temporary capacity. In the USA, the "gig economy" is soaring.

Until a few years ago, interim management was strongly associated with restructuring; this is where its origins are to be found. The range of interim functions has since then expanded considerably. Almost all functional areas in companies are now filled with interim managers. In addition to some leading industries (automotive), other sectors have begun to embrace this trend in Germany, such as the health care industry, mechanical and plant engineering or the energy sector. Nor does this phenomenon appear to be the reserve of big corporations; an increasing number of interim managers are also working at owner-managed medium-sized companies.

"Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain people over the long term who derive their motivation from creating processes and implementing exciting projects. With this type of person, we are witnessing a trend towards freelance work on their career trajectories. This type likes to apply their knowledge and experience in exciting projects with clients for a limited period of time instead of working for them permanently. These people need a partner who is aware of their changing life situations, who understands their needs and requirements, who stays in touch and supplies them with exciting projects matching their qualifications. We consider this to be our daily work. We can help both types of personalities find the perfect match for you."

Stefan Schulz, Sr. Partner IT Services, hahn+friends group

Jens Hahn

Sr. Partner Finance Services