Modern Temping Services

Challenges and opportunities for candidates and clients
hahn+friends young talents is a small niche boutique in the hahn+friends group operating in the field of temporary employment.
The hahn+friends group uses this vehicle to manage a wide variety of situations requiring integration of a candidate into the client's organisation – for which there are clear legal rules – or where the candidate would like to work in a permanent position and get to know different companies culturally and organisationally.
This may be a manager working on the governing institution of a company, or operative helping hands in the areas of Accounts Payable and Receivable, Customer or Reclaim Services and Infrastructure, or even a team that contributes its added value in the form of a taskforce. The Academy Program for Accountants also leverages the possibilities offered by modern employee leasing.
The company is an element in the overall strategy in which the hahn+friends group brings ambitious candidates together with clients in order to tackle tasks jointly – and this teamed up with a capability to operate with different working models. Comments from our clients like "hire for attitude, train for skill" underscore the usefulness of this approach.
"That's our job. It is how we can support our clients and find the perfect match for you."
Janning Knop, Junior Partner, hahn+friends group

Janning Knop

Senior Partner People + Communication Services
Managing Partner Modern Temping Services