This is only possible through in an atmosphere of trust and confidence – demand manager call center position found and filled

How do you find a candidate for a demand manager post when the position does not even exist?

A big multinational operating throughout Europe in the field of real estate was integrating a large call center as part of a new business strategy. As a result of the rapidly expanding business model and an increasing number of inbound calls, the workload was constantly surging beyond peak levels. The call agents were become increasingly disgruntled because they were no longer able to serve customers efficiently and the number of complaints were on a steep upward curve. The Group’s telephone system and processes were beginning to sag under the workload. The Group’s own IT department, which was assigned the task of configuring a new and foreign technology, lacked a translator straddling different worlds to configure the system so that the call agents could work efficiently.

hahn + friends was called in to handpick a suitable candidate for the position. In an intensive exchange with the department head, we developed a profile of requirements for a position that actually does not even exist in the market. The position was successfully filled within two months. Hiring a person lacking a classic IT background for the desired solution posed some unexpected challenges, especially at the beginning of the process. In close cooperation with the head of department, we assisted our client throughout the application process and were able to find a very strong and able candidate for the position within two months. Feedback from our client confirmed that the candidate was able to implement the desired changes within four months. Further hikes in efficiency are already in the planning.

Stefan Schulz

Senior Partner
Information Technology Services