Conception and execution of a sustainability report for a reputed midmarket company

Companies have always had an important responsibility for social development. Never before, however, have customers, partner companies, employees and the public focused so much of their attention on the environmental and social impact of companies’ business activities as today. The small and mid-scale companies that are part of our clientele also regularly take stock of the sustainability of their corporate management. Instead of hiring an agency, a listed client commissioned hahn+friends communication with the conception and execution of a sustainability report.

When selecting a suitable interim manager for the project, the management attached importance to finding a candidate with a journalistic background, extensive knowledge of the industry as well as tried-and-proven know-how in the editing, collating and presentation of information on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). hahn+friends communication provided an interim manager who fit the bill: an experienced publishing editor who had already gained extensive experience in CSR communication as the press spokesman for a listed company working in the field of renewable energies.

The interim manager drew on the existing sustainability mission statement of the company to create a structure for the report that allowed the company’s various sustainability achievements to be presented in a clear and differentiated manner. The individual chapters of the report were then drafted in consultation with the company’s sustainability officer. The overall report that was published after completion of the work offered a detailed, comprehensive and candid synopsis of the company’s status and standing in terms of sustainability at present.

Karina Vilenskaja

Senior Communication Management
People + Communication Services