hahn+friends group’s SWAT team battens down IT operations following announcement of the divestiture

Impending company sale turns everything upside down

A medium-scale service provider was suffering from a hemorrhaging of staff in the wake of an announcement of a spin-off from the Group. Top performers with many years of experience as well as newly recruited employees were resigning. The IT department was particularly hard hit. The company was in the first trimester of a carefully prepared consolidation project that was absolutely key to ensuring operational reliability in production. hahn+friends was initially commissioned to find new candidates for permanent employment. In this extraordinary situation, it would not have been right or fair, in our view, to remove people from secure jobs and place them at a company with an uncertain future. Following a discussion with the management team, we decided together with the client to put together a powerful team of freelancers to carry out the project and bolster IT operations. This situation called for professionals with a high level of technical acumen and plenty of project experience, who had not only successfully mastered such situations in the past, but could also cope effectively with the swelling tide of disruption at the company.

Stefan Schulz

Senior Partner
Information Technology Services