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What counts more and more is attitude

"We welcome the fact that companies are adopting methods such as employer branding, social media and other modern ways of attracting the right people. Our experience indicates that despite these measures, however, the right candidate does not necessarily find his or her way to the company. There are so many companies out there developing very exciting products and services, taking wonderful care of their employees and offering exciting projects and development opportunities. We are always amazed at what our clients' companies have to offer. And yet the right candidates do not find their way to them.
As a result of the ongoing change process, it is possible for an employee to be working a completely different job in three years than the one he or she was originally hired for.
Due to a shortage of suitable candidates or available know-how, we are increasingly hearing comments from our clients such as: "We are looking for people who are up to the task" or "hire for attitude, train for skill". This is precisely what you will not find on a CV. To size up the matrix of a person's attitude, you have to get to know the person better. That's our job: we support our clients in finding the perfect match for them."
Stefan Schulz, Sr. Partner IT Services hahn+friends group

Stefan Schulz

Senior Partner
Information Technology Services