Human Resources

Human Resources

A high degree of adaptability and ability to take effective action in response to changes wrought by globalisation and digitisation in a situation of scarce resources calls for a host of innovative new approaches in the future, especially when it comes to human resources.

The business environment at companies is being impacted by important changes and challenges. The timely provision of qualitative human resources for upcoming projects at companies plays a key role in coping with these headwinds. The tasks of the human resources department are increasingly developing in the direction of a strategic sourcing approach in recruitment, similar to the strategy employed in procurement.

The pace at which new mega-trends in the field of digitalisation are emerging continues to accelerate, all the while demanding new change processes from corporate and HR managers.

Organisation-wide requirements for topics such as demographic change, globalisation, digitalisation or Industry 4.0 – to offer just a few salient examples – must be paired up and implemented in the HR area with current, subject-related tasks and upwards-trending developments such as business partnering, home & mobile office, self-organised, digital learning and talent management in an age witnessing a constant surge towards modernity.

In order to successfully confront these challenges, it is necessary to constantly maintain the quality level in the day-to-day work of HR teams on the one hand, while on the other hand accelerating the realisation and business-oriented implementation of HR project work.

To achieve this, companies must always be capable of taking effective action now and in the future. That is why they need well-trained, business-oriented staff, both in HR decision-making positions as well as in individual HR teams. The operative staffing of individual vacancies and strategic sourcing are being assigned ever more importance in this regard.

In assigning interim or project-related HR managers, we have been consistently able to provide effective help in difficult situations to solve projects marked by a high degree of complexity quickly and competently. We are also able to meet stringent demands on the professional and personal skills of HR candidates in filling open HR vacancies promptly.

And, on top of all this, we provide our clients with temporary know-how for a wide array of HR topics through our advisory consulting service.

You will find a brief list of possible strategic approaches below. And if you need immediate operational support for your HR teams, we can find the right person with the right skill-sets for you at short notice through our helping hands placement service.

Recruiting Operational staffing and strategic sourcing
Business Partnering – Business-oriented partnership models, process management
HR communication – Strategic employer branding, operational personnel and recruitment marketing
Organisational developmentModern (agile) organisational processes and structures
DigitisationModern work places and processes, home & mobile office
Project management – Change/transformation projects, (re-)structuring projects
Development and Talent Management – Career paths, employee development / coaching
Grading, compensation and benefits – Job families, job evaluation, remuneration systems

Lutz Altmann

Senior Partner
Human Resources Services